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Witch King, Here I Come!!

I hope I'm not too late, and that this community hasn't died...
I just found this comm, and I'm pretty super excited! I'm a dork when it comes to the Witch King and all things Nazgul. Nazgul = total pwnage in my book. I'd never had a place to vent my fangirlism over the Witch King &Co. before, and up until now people just looked at me like a freak and edged away slowly from my strange rantings. ;P
Sauron and Melkor/Morgoth are awesome as well, although I'd be more inclined to saying yes to the Witch King if he asked me if I wanted a good time that night. ;) Lol.
I mostly write fanfiction, although I've never really done any serious stories starring Nazgul. I always get slightly freaked out that my writing skills will fail in comparison to J.R.R. Tolkien's. Although, it does make me feel better now that I actually have people to share my stories with who won't go WTF?! when they read it.

Can't wait to start the fangirlish squee-ing here!


WHY DIDN'T HE HAVE A FLAMING SWORD IN THE MOVIE?? That would have been sick-awesome-tripindicular, man...

This is the most hilarious quiz ever! Which Nazgul are you?

I got:

GAHAHA LOL. I would be. ;)

A nice wallpaper perhaps. Maybe even icon material. :)

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