Katherine (durnai_yaeyokai) wrote in mordorks,


Greetings.  I just happened to stumble upon this community by accident--and because I am a devoted fan of the Lord of the Earth (aka Sauron of course) I decided to join.  

Lets see, I first read LotR when I was around 9 or 10 and from the very beginning of things thought that Sauron was fascinating.  And to answer a question someone posted about Sauron's "true" Valarin name--unfortunately,Tolkien didn't give him one. *glares* We've just got Sauron, Annatar and all of his other epithets as canonical.  

And I have to say I like the name Mordorks--it makes me laugh. Also I suppose I deserve to be one because I'm trying to constiue linguistical construction of the Pure Black Speech.  Geeeeeek!!!!! *grins* 

Anyway just thought I'd drop in and say "hi".

~Katherine J.
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