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Interesting what you stumble across when you wander enough...

Heh. Didn't know there'd be a community of Mordor enthusiasts at until I found this place. Credits go to navigatorsghost for having this place listed on her profile page, thus allowing me to stumble across the link.

I heard that links to websites should be put behind LJ cuts, so I snipped it. Anyway, I thought you'd be interested to know of a website dedicated to the darker side of Tolkien's works that I've known for nearly three years. Its community is the first online community I ever joined, and I've loved it since the very first day. As fellow Mordorians, you'd no doubt be most welcome there. So why not drop by and take a look around? =)

Here follow a couple of linky-poos, and if you wanna recognise me at the forum, my handle there is "Moriel Tindomerel".

>>> Mordor... the Land of Shadow

>>> Dark Messages-- the Community

Enjoy. ^_^


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