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Newbie here

(Walks into the silent community.)

I'm a female Mordork from Finland, soon turning 20. I first read the books in June 2002, and ever since I've been a fan of Tolkien's creations, but mostly of Mordor and anything relating to that wonderful land. I love the movies too, though I'm not happy with how they portrayed The Mouth of Sauron. Why would a person, perfectly capable of seeing, cover his eyes? (The Mouth was one of my favorite characters in the book, btw.)

navigatorsghost wrote something earlier:
"So, RotK, then, for content... great movie. Even if I did have to look away for a second when Eowyn killed the Witch-King, and again at the fall of the Dark Tower... did anyone else here feel like that, or am I really just too much of a fangirl?"

Ha ha, no you're not. I felt the same way. ;) After reading the book, I actually felt really depressed when Frodo (or Gollum, actually) managed to destroy the Ring. No more Black Riders or Dark Lords. Sob.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to my fellow Mordorks.
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